Monday, June 8, 2009

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We've moved our site to a new blog hosting platform just in time for the next design4kids workshop. Please follow this link to our new site with expanded content, and a more robust blogging tool:

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Next Workshop June 17 - 25

The second Design4Kids workshop for Fotokids will again be held in Santiago Atitlan, Guatemala this June, 2009.

Are you an art director, designer, illustrator, web developer, photographer, or a new media, pre-press, marketing or ad-agency professional? Have you ever dreamed of sharing your hard-earned skills with talented and motivated young people? Have you ever longed to travel to a lush tropical village on the shores of a deep blue lake while staying in a comfortable resort? Then this event is perfect for you.

The next Design4Kids workshop will again be conducted at La Posada de Santiago. You will be working with the amazing staff and kids from Fotokids. Nancy and Bree are dedicated to educating these kids, and the kids are some of the most talented, respectful, and motivated teens you will ever want to meet. Don't worry about whether you speak Spanish, the Fotokids staff is bilingual and can translate very well.

The plan is to arrive in Guatemala on June 17th and spend that night in the gorgeous colonial town of Antigua. It will be an opportunity to rest from travels, explore the town, and get to know each other better. The next morning June 18th the kids will join us and we will all travel up to Lake Atitlan to settle in and begin our workshop in the afternoon. We will then be in workshop everyday from 8 to 5 through June 24th, have a closing party that evening, and return to Guatemala City and the airport on the morning of June 25th.

The cost for the workshop is $1389 which covers ground transportation, meals, and lodging (airfare is not included).

Please contact me via one of the methods below to start on this terrific adventure.

Jeff Speigner
@inspiritu on twitter

Be inspired by this award winning video about Fotokids here.

Scroll down to read earlier posts made during the first workshop we conducted in October 2008. You'll get an idea of the great fun and exchange of knowledge that happens during Design4Kids.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Despite Power Failure, Creativity Abounds in Santiago Atitlan´

After sharing their homework assignment with us -- layout of a tri-fold brochure for the client -- our very talented students worked individually to create several logo options for their client. Each one was thoughtful and took into account the needs expressed by the client. Much careful consideration was then given by each to vote on, and explain the merit of their top three choices. Two designs quickly rose to the top, with two additional options included for further development.

The late afternoon brought with it a return of electricity (a BIG overnight wind storm downed a tree taking out a few power lines, a tramsformer and our power). With a return of power, Lynn was able to begin teaching Adobe Illustrator, which the kids took to like ´white on rice.´ Tomorrow they will begin to transfer their designs into ¨Illustrator.¨ What fun!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Off to a Good Start

Sunset behind Vulcan Antigua as seen from Parque Central.

Arriving a day or two early in Antigua afforded quaint scenes in this colorful town.

On Sunday we went to the restaurant Pres. Clinton ate at while in Santiago.

The whole team begins to come together at the restaurant. Lynn, Carmen, Jessica, Stephanie, Abdisa, and David

Werner, Carmen, and David in Parque Central in Antiqua

Jason and Werner share tunes on the long bus trip from Antigua to Santiago Atitlan.

All the students gather around a table to interview the client to determine her communication needs.

Holley, from Santiago Atitlan, listens as the client describes the target audience.

Stephanie, from Guatemala City, listens intently.

Lynn from Austin, Texas, walk through the streets of Santiago with Werner and David to visit the client's facility.

Holley, Joseffa, and Daisey.

Jason, Lynn, Joseffa, David, Holley, Daisey, Jessica, and Stephanie sit on the walk way in front of their client's library in Santiago Atitlan.